Avigna Chemitech Private Limited (ACPL) in association with Avigna Pharmaceuticals LLC, USA, aims to create newer and innovative methods of drug delivery. ACPL offers highly professional, flexible and cost effective solutions in the technical development of innovative formulations; particularly those that have serious delivery issues. These are for both new and innovative molecules as well as generic compounds. Avigna has a patent (under review) protected system for providing effective solubilisation solutions leading to effective drug delivery, with better bio-availability. Patents have been applied for in EU, USA and other countries.

Medical science has progressively developed and provided crucial insights into the underlying molecular mechanisms of disease. Pharmaceutical research has always maintained its pace in developing new ways for prevention, diagnosis and therapy for disease. At Avigna Pharma, we are constantly striving to bring in more efficient and effective delivery methods to existing medicinal molecules, including generics. Our other strong emphasis is on providing efficient solutions of delivery to newly discovered and innovative medicinal and biopharmaceutical molecules. It is well known that most of the newer biological molecules have substantial positive application in the treatment of disease. However, poor to very poor solubility and therefore a somewhat deficient delivery mechanism has been an intrinsic problem that has precluded a constructive and efficient solution.
At Avigna, we believe we can provide a solution and make a difference!